XCMG Trenchless underground Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD Machine for sale dealer manufacture price

XCMG Trenchless underground Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD Machine for sale dealer manufacture price

XZ680A CZPT Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD Rig for sale/supplier/company

CZPT Specification

The advantages of XZ680A horizontal directional drilling
1. The rack pinion press and pull. The transmission is sleek and dependable. The electricity head spindle floating boost the support existence of drill pipe thread
2. The line-control proportion of walking program makes certain the safety of the stroll
3. The slurry flow shift stepless speed regulation system is much more handy to change the stream of the slurry, preserve the slurry and minimize the environmental pollution brought on by slurry flowing
four. The push-pull stress shift stepless pace regulation technique adjusts the drive-pull stress according to different operating situations, quick and hassle-free, which also can protect the drill pipe thread from getting broken.
5. forty five ° rotating cabin can be understood, which make the tractor driver in driving indoor notice the vice motion far more conveniently. At the meantime, it increases the inside assembly and increases the radio audio and USB port and increase operation comfort.


1.The introduction of the technological innovation

two. The primary specialized parameters
three. The major elements subsidiary
4. The complete equipment visual appeal and transportation
five. The accessory specialized paperwork

one. CZPT specification

Solution model: XZ680A horizontal directional drilling
Manufacturer:  GROUP
XZ680A horizontal directional drilling is a single-piece complete load sort layout, which adopt the hydraulic pilot manage and load sensitive control and a number of superior manage technology and the company’s proprietary technologies. The principal overall performance parameters and management technological innovation has reached the domestic superior stage. CZPT program, transmission method, reducer, electric manage technique and other primary parts select the brand name identify products at property and abroad. The quality is dependable.
1.The introduction of the technologies

1. Chassis
Utilizing metal tracks, South Korea Tongmyong strolling speed reducer, traction, location adaptable, steady and dependable efficiency.
 Chain tread                        3165 mm
 Track Shoe Size                  3930 mm
 gauge of tracks                     1825 mm
 Creeper tread width                  450 mm
 Roller variety                      7piece×2
 Walking pace reducer               South Korea Tongmyong TM22VC×2
 Driving pressure                       123kN
 Climbing Capacity                   30%
 Walking pace                       2.5km/h
 Ground stress                     67kPa
 The overall high quality of operate              21T

two. The motor method

The Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng CZPT motor inter-cooled turbocharged. Emissions fulfill the emission standards II and electronically- control throttle.
 Engine Design               6LTAA8.nine-C325
 Rated electricity                239kW
 Maximum motor torque       1230 N·m /(1400r/min)
 Rated rotor velocity             2200 r/min
 Meet the emission normal     standards II
 Fuel tank capcity             425L

three. The hydraulic technique

Utilizing the load sensitive control, continual electrical power method, stress to lower off, the electro-hydraulic proportional control and numerous advanced handle technologies. The imported factors, which is dependable in quality.
 Triple main pump          SAUER  H1P-a hundred thirty+ ER100B+ FR074B
 Manual reset relay         AMCA   APV-22  + APV-22
 Slurry pump valve         AMCA   APV-22
 Oil Tank Capacity          750L

4. Energy head
Push and pull a drill by means of the equipment rack and comprehensive. Energy head spindle floating system efficiently protect drill pipe thread. Variable motor can achieve substantial-velocity push and pull. Push pull dimensions can be adjusted in accordance to the needs of the development, the security of the drill pipe.
Electrical power head rotation method
    Rotating system movement         277L/min
    Pressure                   270bar
    Motor                     Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  A6V107×2
    Reduction box              CZPT 2×ED2090/Bonfiglioli 2×307L2  
    Maximum swivel torque      28250Nm(Choice)
    Maximum rotative speed      100r/min
   Power head thrust and pull technique
    Push and pull method circulation     371L/min
    Pressure                    260bar
    Manual reset relay            AMCA  APV-22/SAUER  PVG100
    Motor                      Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  A6V107×4
    Reduction box                CZPT 2×ED2090/Bonfiglioli 2×307L2
    The greatest push pull          725kN
   The most significant drive and pull pace     32m/min
   Maximum swivel torque           28250N·m
       The highest stroke power head    6600mm

5. CZPTal program
In see of the horizontal directional drilling building technologies, the software of superior smart handle technology, CAN bus technologies, employing imported substantial trustworthiness of the controller. To enhance the display in the instrument spot, use the bigger instrument, easy to notice. Walking wire management can recognize stepless speed regulation, secure and handy procedure. 
    Method Voltage                  DC24V
   Controller                      CZPT  RC28-fourteen
   Push and pull rotation handle       SAUER MCH22

six. Drill stand
Higher energy alloy steel drill stand and slide drilling. Angle adjustment is handy.
   Drill sliding distance              2500 mm
   Drill stand Angle adjustment        10~18°

seven. Vice
Rig is geared up with effective shackle vise. Front and rear vice are relatively straightforward- slip. It is easy to change canine tooth of servicing.
   Clamp power                     1120kN
   Maximum shackle torque           58900N·m
   Rear vice rotation Angle            25°
   Vice sliding length               200mm

eight.The slurry pump systemFor construction of HangCZPT slurry pump geared up with mud and slurry, which promise the development smoothly. There are four adjustable gear velocity which can also be modified the movement of the slurry pump and supply far better operating encounter.
   Gear                           4 speed
   The highest flow of slurry        600L/min
   The maximum pressure of slurry     100bar

9. Taxi
Rotating control cab, adjustable seats, outfitted with air conditioning, tremendously improved the operation comfort stage of drilling rig, interior lights, windshield wipers, the entrance glass can be doubled.
    Width of the cabin             1000mm
    Length of the cabin            1800mm
    The rotation angle             45°

ten. Lorry crane
Random configuration 2T  lorry crane and guide operation secure.
    Model                      GSQ2SK1Q
    Max lifting fat             2T
    The farthest distance procedure   5.67m
    Max. Lifting Minute          4T·m

Two.The principal specialized parameters

Item CZPT parameters
Motor Producer CZPT Engine CO.,Ltd
Design 6LTAA8.9-C325
Rated electricity 239 kW / 2200 r/min
Energy head drive and pull Sort Pinion and rack push
Rated pulling/feeding force 725/725 kN
Managing velocity of power unit ~32 m/min
Rotation Sort CZPT-motor equipment transmission
Max.torque of electricity unit 28250 N·m
Rotation pace of power unit a hundred r/min
Drill stem Diameter φ102 mm
Length (one piece) 6000mm
Adjustment angle 10~18°
Vacation Driving Sort Self-propelled steel tracks
Vacation pace 2.five km/h
Slurry pump Sort 600L/min,hydraulic push
Complete fat 21T
Proportions 11610×2800×3115mm

3 .The principal elements subsidiary

one. The main elements subsidiary:

Identify Maker
Motor Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng CZPT Motor
Principal pump SAUER
Auxiliary pump ZheJiang
Guide reset relay SAUER/AMCA
Hand shank SAUER
Controller German CZPT
Electricity head motor ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
Electrical power head velocity reducer Bonfiglioli/CZPT
Electrical power head bearing ZWZ
Lorry-mounted crane  GROUP
Observe ZheJiang Xian Group
Walking motor, reducer South Korea Tongmyong Copmay

two. The choices are as follows ( With reference to the deal)

one) Drill stem:

Identify Type Specification Remarks
Drill stem Welded type(S135) ¢102mm×6m NC38Clasp Type

two) Back again to the expansion gadget:

Identify Type Specification Remarks

Again to the expansion gadget


Squeeze expanding variety ¢450mm


  Circulation port kind ¢450mm  

3) Accessories:

Name Kind Specification Remarks
Add-ons Pilot guide bit 102  
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. plate 102
Positive pull head 102
Unfavorable pull head 102
Transfer scenario 80T
Brief sub 102

four) Others:

Identify Specification Remarks
Slurry System Slurry mixing technique five cubic  
Instrument  Exploratory equipment F5 DCI
GL600 Gemdale
Detecting instrument 8000 Reddy

4. The total device look and transportation

         Overall dimension                            11610×2800×3115mm
         Shipping excess weight (Don’t include drill pipe, drill)     21T

five. The accessory technical paperwork
The pursuing technical paperwork are provided for XZ680A horizontal directional drilling rig
Certification of conformity
XZ680A operation guidelines
6LTAA8.nine-C325 engine procedure recommendations and guarantee card
BW-600 slurry pump operation guidelines
Donning components and spare components checklist, the accessory instruments listing
CZPT vehicle air conditioning common specification

Notice: The merchandise will be improved together with the technological progression and the variation will be described for the duration of ordering.



XCMG Trenchless underground Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD Machine for sale dealer manufacture price