Steel Roller Conveyor Bucket Chain for Elevator

Steel Roller Conveyor Bucket Chain for Elevator

CZPT Chain
CZPT chain products have high needs on sporting resistance and tensile strength. For this purpose, we carry out secondary heat remedy for the rollers and bushings. The two chain parts are first of all carburized, and then bear secondary heat remedy to offer enhanced floor hardness and main portion toughness. These procedures make sure improved crushing power.
As this selection of roller chain is mostly employed for materials lifting in vertical route, there is a substantial prerequisite on its framework firmness so as to avoid the chain getting loosening up. To meet this requirement, we manufacture the solution components with optimized allowance to guarantee prefect match, and in the meantime, a hydraulic press is utilized to assemble the chain parts.
Our elevator chain is frequently utilized in cement, mining, grain processing, road construction, and steelworks industries. It assists material elevating, and is accommodate to serious working environments. It operates normally even if it is hooked up with large dust and hard particles.
Bucket CZPT Chain

Chain variety contains NE series, NSE collection, NP collection, and so on. 

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Diameter of roller d1 (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Duration of pin b2 (mm) Internal width of internal hyperlink b1(min) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (mm) Peak of sidebar h2 (mm) Top of attached plate h2 (mm) Tensile strength Q (min.)(KN)
NE product lifting chain for elevators
NE15-a hundred and one.6 one zero one.6 26.five eleven.5 70 27 6 35 35 128.1
NE30-152.four 152.four 35 15.five 90 36.five eight fifty fifty 245
NE50-152.four 152.4 35 15.five 90 36.5 eight fifty one hundred ten 245
NE100-two hundred 200 42 19.1 one hundred twenty fifty one.8 10 sixty one hundred twenty five 375
NE150-200 200 48.5 22.23 a hundred and twenty 57.eight 10 60 125 375
NE300-250 250 70 35 a hundred sixty five 75 16 one hundred 150 450
NE300-250A 250 sixty three.5 31.seventy five 146 sixty seven.four 12 ninety one hundred fifty 450
NP152.four 152.4 357 fifteen.88 88 38 seven.nine 45 105 245
FE12600 152.four 35 fifteen.88 86 36.5 seven.9 forty five a hundred and twenty 245
NE100/2L two hundred forty four.five 19.05 114 fifty three 10 60 one hundred twenty five four hundred
NE150-B/2L 200 44.five 19.05 114 fifty three ten 60 one hundred twenty five 400
NE200/2L 250 sixty three.5 31.seventy five a hundred and forty sixty seven.four twelve ninety 150 750
9060 G4/4L 152.four 34.93 19.05 ninety four.five nine.five 50.8 120 312
P152.four-A/2L 152.4 36 seventeen.33 85 36.5 eight fifty one zero five one hundred sixty
DK 19200M G4/2L two hundred fifteen.seventy seven 86 36.5 8 45 one hundred twenty five 312
NE150-A/2L two hundred forty eight.five 22.23 122 fifty seven.six ten 75 125 529
P152.four 3L 152.4 31.seventy five fifteen.seventy seven 109 fifty four 9.6 one hundred forty five
P125/2L 125 52 17 eighty 31 eight 580 100 219.52
FE12600-S/2L 152.4 34.ninety three fifteen.88 86 36.five seven.nine 45 one hundred twenty a hundred and sixty
NE150/2L two hundred 48.5 22.23 118 fifty seven.six ten seventy five one hundred twenty five 529
NE300-250/2L 250 70 35 a hundred sixty five seventy five sixteen 100 150 1107
P152.4/2L 152.4 15.88 88 38 7.nine 45 105 a hundred and sixty
DS17200-S G4/2L two hundred 40.08 19.05 106.five 50.eight nine.5 50.8 130 260
P250-G4/2L 250 seventy three 38.five 183.5 82 sixteen 115 180 1200
NE300 250 70 35 165 75 16 100 one hundred fifty 1107

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Diameter of roller d1 (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Length of pin L (mm) Internal width of interior url b1 (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (mm) Peak of sidebar h2 (mm) Top of attachment h2 (mm) Tensile power Q (min.)(KN)
NP150 one hundred fifty 31.8 14.seventeen sixty nine 30 six.35 38.1 one zero five two hundred
NP228.6 228.6 62 24.two 136 sixty four 13 70 70 440

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Interior width of interior url W (mm) Diameter of roller D (mm) Sidebar Pin Dimension of attachment Tensile strength(KN)
Peak H (mm) Thickness T (mm) Diameter d (mm) Duration L (mm) H2 (mm) N (mm) X (mm) Y (mm)
NSE200 a hundred fifty one.8 forty four.5 60 ten 111.five 150 eighteen one hundred one zero five 420
NSE300 a hundred 57.six 48.five seventy five seven.5 22.23 120 a hundred and fifty 18 100 one hundred and five 520
NSE400 one hundred twenty five 67.four sixty three.five 90 12 31.75 139.3 180 18 one hundred twenty five a hundred thirty 735
NSE500-1 125 seventy five 70 100 16 35 one hundred seventy a hundred and eighty 18 one hundred twenty five a hundred thirty 980
NSE500-two 125 75 seventy one.5 102 sixteen 36 a hundred sixty five one hundred eighty eighteen a hundred twenty five a hundred thirty 1200
NSE600H a hundred twenty five seventy five 75 a hundred and five sixteen forty one hundred sixty five 185 18 a hundred twenty five 136 1260
NSE700 one hundred fifty eighty five 85 one hundred twenty five sixteen forty eight a hundred and eighty 226 22 150 one hundred sixty five 1470

For far more than twenty several years, we have targeted on custom chains.

For much more than 20 a long time, We have carried out hundreds of diverse types of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of custom made chain expertise.

Below are some of the kinds of the chains.


Steel Roller Conveyor Bucket Chain for Elevator