Plastic Material Centralized Conveying System, Vacuum Material Central Feeding System

Plastic Material Centralized Conveying System, Vacuum Material Central Feeding System

As a completely ODM system, this central feeding method will be created dependent on customerization.

At present, most of the manufacturing vegetation of PVC items use manual weighing of a variety of raw resources and auxiliary components. This strategy is also feasible in the era of small factories, but in massive factories, this kind of as when the raw content mixing amount exceeds one thousand kg per hour, its uneconomical attributes You can start to emphasize it. these kinds of as:
one. The quantity of workers needs to be huge, the wages of staff are soaring, and the emphasis on bodily health has caused labor expenses to increase rapidly.
two. Due to the psychological mother nature of the workers, doing work in a boring function setting for a long time will inevitably cause weighing inaccuracies and mismatches, leading to major losses.
Consequently, the software of automatic weighing batching, mixing, and conveying systems is required. This program is appropriate for huge-scale generation. For factories with an output of far more than one thousand kg / hour, economic advantages are clear.

  1. The program primarily consists of: Weighing device for main material feeding, Weighing system for auxiliary materials feeding, liquid content batching, mixing device, conveying method
  2. Making use of PLC and microcomputer combined control, it can comprehend lengthy-expression steady feeding operation.
  3. CZPTed load cells
  4. The feeding part, in accordance to the demands of the material, adopts stainless steel screw feeder, or vacuum feeder, pipe chain conveyor

CZPT CZPT’s Positive aspects:
1. CZPT focuses on the processing program of powder and granular resources. CZPTing the qualities of the supplies and comprehensive understanding of the content processing technology are our strengths. We are excellent at fixing issues in the method of conveying, storing, weighing, mixing and sieving, and supply the most best remedy and total venture plHangCZPT, and ultimately develop a turnkey venture tailor-made to customer wants.
2. CZPT not only patterns the system, but also manufactures crucial factors to ensure product quality and reduce upkeep charges for users in the course of the use of the method. These kinds of as: Conveying: feeding rotary valve, direct-blow sort rotary valve, rotor reversing valve, flap valve, electronic scale, super big mixing unit, pipe chain conveyor, vacuum loader, screw conveyor, vibrating monitor.

The central feeding method can bring tangible benefits to the plastics processing businesses, and will use the cost saved by users of the central feed in 2 to three a long time to make up for the equipment expense.
CZPT is a planet-top supplier in the area of central feeding techniques. HADRDEGA has a selection of material receivers. Different content combos can be used to type different content provide methods, this kind of as material variety (a single material and a single pipeline ) or equipment kind (a single machine a single pipe).
Each central feed method is developed based mostly on customer’s generation capability, uncooked content types, structure of the workshop molding products, and the conveying length from the uncooked materials area to the molding device platform. It can offer clients with an optimized, most appropriate Central feeding program.

• Material-type central feeding program is ideal for fewer uncooked components
• Rare substitute of uncooked components
• Ideal for lengthy distance transmission
• Several molding devices

•Equipment type central feeding system is ideal for a lot more sorts of uncooked materials
• Recurrent alternative of uncooked resources
• Ideal for near transmission
• Much less molding equipment

COMPASON also has the world’s foremost mixing technologies for air-movement mixing in the  scheme of mixing and conveying supplies.The HM sequence material receiver is geared up with an air circulation stirring device at the discharge port, which is suitable for the combined and then transported system. The materials soon after becoming stirred can be despatched in batches by means of the pipeline cleansing valve. Right after the batch materials are all delivered to the content receiver, the raw substance proportion is not transformed, the airflow is stirred to open the compressed air, and the perfect mixture of airflow stirring and suspension stirring can restore the first point out after content mixing.

TOY BRICK design

• CZPT conveying program series substance receivers have distinct ability versions from fourteen to 54L
• Modular layout can meet the wants of a lot more clients
• The Controller can management up to 64 sub-controllers and the on the web suite software can be expanded up to a hundred sub-controllers.
• In the situation of a sufficiently big ability of the vacuum device, it is only required to connect the system in parallel to the system community CZPT adding a central controller interface.

Zero chance layout
All content receivers of CZPT Central Feeding Method have a grasp controller and are similar to the principal controller, so any controller can effortlessly change the main controller. The central feeding system will not trigger the total feed program to collapse owing to the failure of the learn handle.
Right after changing the principal controller in the method, the authentic parameters of the method will be automatically restored to the freshly installed principal controller, and do not need to have any options to function appropriately.

Humanization design and style

The central feeding technique not only sets the parameters of all content receivers through the learn controller, but also enables the controller on each content receiver to set all parameters of the materials receiver, making it rapid and effortless.
Every clever controller is geared up with a digital exhibit, and any motion of the substance receiver can be effortlessly controlled in real time by means of the show.
All the substance receivers of the method talk with the main controller via a sign line in parallel. The major controller can examine the material receivers not in the system by one particular-click on viewing. The servicing is easy.

Pipe fittings
The Y-sort department is used for the opening of the content-variety principal pipe to the molding device desk. The special buffer layout can lessen the conveying velocity of the material in the pipe and minimize the gravity effect on the pipe bend.
•Pipe and pipe relationship utilizes stainless steel pipe clamp with silicone sealing content
•R500 arc stainless steel elbow is adopted at the corner, wear-resistant glass elbow when transporting particular supplies

Pipeline cleaning
•After every feeding procedure, the method routinely opens the cleaning valve for cleaning the pipeline
•Transporting strong dampness-absorbing raw materials need to clean the pipeline
•When changing uncooked resources, pipelines need to be cleaned
•Avoid blockage in lengthier pipelines conveying
•Reduce the work load on the vacuum unit in the course of the secondary suction and effectively defend the vacuum unit

Raw material distribution

• The raw substance distribution station is ideal for the products variety central feeding technique, and the raw supplies can be swiftly dispersed to distinct molding equipment via the uncooked substance distribution station.
• Fully automated uncooked content distribution system, which can completely change the needed raw content pipelines through smart controllers to increase the defense of raw materials choice and distribution safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Vacuum unit and dust collector

• CZPT will select a vacuum unit that is more suited for customers depending on the delivery length and the size of the output.
• Main pump and standby models can be switched frequently
• The pump team can automatically swap to the standby pump team at higher temperature failure
• Fan failure and no compressed air alarm shutdown
• The central dust collector will gather all the dust in the system’s uncooked components, and the program will automatically total the filter bag cleaning process

Discharge and feeding

• Airtight construction layout to satisfy the damaging pressure conveying conditions needed by the material receiver
• Large-diameter discharge port and stainless metal unloading baffle with inclined angle to enhance discharge and content stage detection
• When the materials receiver has no content, the discharge baffle is free of charge to near by gravity, so that the CBE controller receives the feeding sign
• Complete combination of discharge baffle and discharge port in the course of suction to guarantee air tightness

Dry air sealing technique

• The shut technique can avoid the uncooked supplies following drying from double moisture absorption
• Maintain the temperature of the substance following drying
• Automatic compensation for dry hot air when pipeline is cleaned
•  Air outlet can be utilized for hot air drying of raw supplies to minimize vitality reduction

Versatile conveying

The clever conveying handle technological innovation can be altered according to the diverse material diameters and conveying distances of the content receiver, and the uncooked materials can be transported at the best speed, and the objective of defending the uncooked resources can be reached at the identical time.
In some special places, the intelligent controller can handle the conveying pace of uncooked materials, and recognize the operate of safeguarding raw materials by picking the conveying velocity.

Solution advantages

• Preserve raw resources
By decreasing spillage and contamination of raw resources, at minimum one – 2% of raw resources can be saved
• Save labor expenses
The centralized storage of uncooked resources can significantly decrease the labor value enter, CZPT the require to transportation the uncooked resources to the forming machine.
•Save room
The central feeding method can save far more room by introducing a lot more molding gear and guarantee that the creation workshop is clean and tidy
• Save strength
The central feed program will save about eighty% of strength use compared to the stand-by itself feed program
• Decrease maintenance costs
The central feed program not only has a reduce maintenance charge than the stand-by yourself feed program, but also lowers maintenance costs on this basis.



Plastic Material Centralized Conveying System, Vacuum Material Central Feeding System