Herbicide Imazapic 24%SL 98%TC 70%WDG

Herbicide Imazapic 24%SL 98%TC 70%WDG

Product Description

Good Source Large Top quality Herbicide Imazapic (24%SL 98%Tc 70%Wdg)
1.Typical name :imazethapyr (BSI, ANSI, draft E-ISO, (m) draft F-ISO)
2.IUPAC identify: Pestanal 2-(four-isopropyl-four-methyl-5-oxo-two-imidazolin-two-yl)-five-methylnicotinic acid imazapic(bsi,iso)three.Chemical Abstracts name: (?-2-[4,five-dihydro-four-methyl-4-(one-methylethyl)-5-oxo-1H-imidazol-2-yl]-five-ethyl-3-pyridinecarboxylic acid
4.CAS NO.:104098-forty eight-8
five.CZPT codes AC :263 499 CL 263 499 (both Cyanamid)
8.M.f. :C14H17N3O3

Imazapic is a chemical employed as an herbicide. It controls numerous broad leaf weeds and controls or suppresses some grasses in pasture, rangeland and certain types of turf. It has a half-life of around one hundred twenty times in soil.

Method OF Motion
It is applied preplant included, preemergence, at cracking, and postemergence. The compound controls weeds by decreasing the amounts of 3 branched-chain aliphatic amino acids, isoleucine, leucine and valine, by way of the inhibition of aceto-hydroxyacid synthase, an enzyme frequent to the biosynthetic pathway for these amino acids. This inhibition brings about a disruption in protein synthesis which, in switch, qualified prospects to an interference in DNA synthesis and mobile growth. The compound is employed to management grasses and broadleaved weeds including barnyardgrass, crabgrass, cocklebur, panicums, pigweeds, nightshade, mustard, smartweed, velvetleaf, jimsonweed, foxtails, seedling johnsongrass, lambsquarters, morningglory and other individuals

  Typical name   imazapic 24%sl ninety eight%tc 70%wdg
  Classification   Herbicide
  CAS No.   104098-49-9
  MF   C14H17N3O3
  Place of origin   China ZheJiang
  Point out   Powder
  Purity   ninety eight%
  Payment terms   T/T, L/C
  Model name   Bosman

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Top quality is the life of our manufacturing unit, initial, every single uncooked components, appear to our manufacturing facility, we will check it first of all, if experienced, we will process the manufacturing with this raw components, if not, we will return it to our supplier, and following each manufacturing step, we will check it, and then all the production process concluded, we will do the ultimate check before the commodities still left our manufacturing unit.

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Sure, of system, we can supply cost-free samples for you prior to you get professional quantity.

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Herbicide Imazapic 24%SL 98%TC 70%WDG