Gear Coupling

Ever-power Model B coupling for light to medium-duty applications
Model B couplings are not interchangeable with standard Ever-power couplings.
Sizes 1 1/2 through 3 1/2 with integral end band.
All couplings feature precision-drilled flange bolt holes, and tight tolerance. Grade 5 flange bolts to assure a long-lasting flange to flange and fastener match. Uncovered bolt flanges are regular.
Shrouded bolt flanges could be provided through size 5. Size #5 1/2 and bigger couplings are only obtainable with exposed bolt flanges.

Ever-power couplings are created for ± 1/2° static misalignment per half coupling. Minimizing working misalignment will increase the life of the coupling. Make reference to the Installation and Alignment Guidelines for alignment recommendations.

Ever-power COUPLING Features & Benefits

IMPROVED SOFT SEAL offers superior sealing less than misaligned conditions.
UNIQUE TOOTH FORM utilizing a 40° pressure angle, distributes the load over a larger area than couplings designed to use a 20° pressure position.
Total TOOTH ENGAGEMENT reduces uneven put on on tooth that results in longer life plus improved performance.
QUALITY EXPOSED FASTENERS includes SAE Quality 5 bolts with hex nuts and lock washers. Installation is easy, without special tools. Shrouded bolts optional.
CLEAR Corrosion INHIBITIVE AND CORROSION RESISTANT Surface finish protects coupling in regular industrial environments.
AVAILABLE OFF-THE-SHELF in reborables with huge bore features or stock finish bored.
OPTIONAL PILOT Bands provides positive register between identical halves. Eliminates selective assembly needed in male, feminine sleeves.
INTERCHANGEABLE by fifty percent coupling with competitive coupling styles.
HIGHER MISALIGNMENT Capacity sizes 1-7 compensate for ±1 1/2° static angular misalignment per equipment mesh.
Series H Gear Couplings

Series H couplings of Size 8 to 30 are designed for ±1/2° misalignment per flex fifty percent coupling, to pay for misalignment between the shafts in a full-flex coupling. Series H couplings can be provided in full-flex, flex-rigid, floating shaft and spacer arrangements and also custom designs. Just exposed bolt flanges are available in sizes 8 to 30.

The straight-faced, involute stub tooth form is utilized in the Series H coupling, sizes 8 to 30. This tooth form distributes contact pressures across the full amount of the hub tooth, to greatest develop the required lubricating film, reducing tooth use and extending coupling program life for years of operation. THE FINISH Rings are removable for ease of assembly and to allow inspection of the gear sets.
Ever-power Gear Couplings

The Ever-power design, with its life time all-metal end ring, provides up to 300% greater lubricant capacity. This means that longer periods between relubrication could be scheduled.

The all-metallic end ring, used exclusively in Ever-power couplings, eliminates the need for any type of perishable lube seal (o-rings, lip seals, cork gaskets, etc.). The finish ring not only provides the dam over which lubricant must circulation to escape, but it additionally pilots the sleeve with respect to the hub during start-up and shut-down functions. It further eliminates partial tooth disengagement with resulting tooth overloads by giving sleeve tooth which are flush against the within wall of the end ring.

It’s the only coupling made to use oil lubrication.

To be certain that your couplings provide Maximum Life, constantly specify Ever-power couplings, with the all-metal end band.

The Straight-Faced involute hub tooth form featured in the Ever-power coupling is practically unique in the market today. It really is this tooth type that distributes tooth contact pressures over the full length of the hub tooth, best developing the required hydrodynamic lube film, reducing tooth wear and extending coupling lifestyle. It is the just hub tooth form available in the standard Ever-power coupling line.

Ever-power Gear Couplings

The Ever-power equipment coupling has been designed with full duration tooth engagement with the inherent result of longer life and improved performance.

The standard Ever-powercoupling includes two identical half couplings. Optional precision steel pilot rings can be found when even more accurate centering of both sleeves is required.

Competitive gear couplings integrate an O-ring seal. To be able to conform with today’s high misalignment capacities, this O-ring must fit into a groove that’s larger than the band.Ever-power couplings make use of a truly high misalignment seal that seals remarkably under misaligned conditions.

Ever-power POWERLIGN
This flangeless design transmits identical torques as the typical Ever-power Coupling. Having a smaller outside diameter, however, it is more compact, lighter, and can run at higher speeds. This alternative could be selected for applications where space is bound.

SERIES H Features & Benefits

Higher Misalignment Capability
Sizes 1-7 compensate for ±1 1/2° static angular misalignment per equipment mesh.
Minimizing operating misalignment will maximize the life of the coupling. Refer to the Set up and Alignment Guidelines for alignment recommendations.
Larger Bore Capabilities allow the most economical size selection for shafts up to 10 5/8″.
Higher Torque Ratings because of bigger tooth pitch diameters than additional couplings.
Versatility in that Series H’s are interchangeable by half coupling with competitive coupling styles.
1 1/2° Curved-Face Teeth are a prime feature of the Series H coupling, sizes 1-7. The crowned hub teeth are a 20° full-depth involute tooth type with flank, suggestion, and root curvature. When
used in combination with the straight confronted sleeve teeth, these 1 1/2° curved encounter hubs offer elevated shaft misalignment capability
All couplings feature precision-drilled flange bolt holes, and tight tolerance Quality 5 flange bolts to assure a long-enduring flange to flange and fastener fit. Exposed bolt flanges are
standard. Shrouded bolt flanges could be provided through size 5. Size #5 1/2 and larger couplings are only obtainable with exposed bolt flanges.

Each sleeve flange comes with two pipe plugs 180° apart. This permits assembly of a complete flex coupling with four lube plugs positioned every 90°, facilitating lubrication. The lube seal is certainly a Buna-N O-ring to help retain grease and exclude contaminants. KHP or KSG coupling greases are recommended in order to obtain maximum working life.

Ever-power COUPLING Features & Benefits

The Ever-power equipment coupling comes in two basic products:

Ever-powercoupling for moderate to heavy-duty applications
Sizes 1 1/2 through 7 with integral end ring.
Sizes 8 through 30 with bolt-on end ring.