Engine Sprocket

Disc Brake Sprocket (9 Hole) Hole Spacing Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Top Speed Acceleration/Power Included With
44 Tooth 1″ 1.29″ 7″ Moderate+ Moderate- Sold Separately
Ever-power Engine Sprocket Shaft
Description for Ever-power Engine Sprocket Shaft
• Pins and shafts are machined from super-hard, aircraft-rated Durabar 60 steel and bearing areas are ground to a 16 micron finish
• Deep heat-treating provides 60-63 Rockwell hardness and CNC machined tapers assure concentricity within .0003″
• 3-hole crank pin design distributes oil similarly to both rod races
• Annealed threads on shafts allow torquing up to 100 ft. lbs. over the OEM specifications
This sprocket was originally designed for the Yerf Dog Spiderbox GX150. It’ll fit many GY6 engines without reverse.
If you are choosing to eliminate a reverse box instead of replacing it, you can use this sprocket to accomplish away with the whole setup cleanly.

We provide a disc brake sprocket that bolts to the brake rotor hub in a 44 tooth sprocket. Inner diameter is usually 1.29″ and hole spacing is 1″ with an outer diameter of 7″

Back Sprocket (6 Hole) Hole Spacing Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Best Speed Acceleration/Power Included With
36 Tooth 1.5″ 1.8″ 5 7/8″ Fast Slow Sold Separately
44 Tooth 1.5″ 1.8″ 7 1/4″ Moderate+ Moderate- Sold Separately
50 Tooth 1.5″ 1.8″ 8 1/8″ Gradual High Sold Separately

We offer a 6-hole sprocket in 36 tooth, 44 tooth, and 50 tooth sprocket sizes. Inner diameter 1.8″ and hole spacing of just one 1.5″. Outer diameters are 5 7/8″ for the 36 tooth, 7.25″ for the 44 tooth, and 8 1/8″ for the 50 tooth