Digging Machinery Lonking LG6225e 22 Tons 1.2cbm Bucket Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

Digging Machinery Lonking LG6225e 22 Tons 1.2cbm Bucket Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

Digging CZPT Lonking LG6225e 22 Tons one.2cbm Bucket CZPT Crawler Excavator   

CZPT CZPT LG6225 characteristics:

LG6225 with robust, powerful and large high quality engine and sophisticated adverse flow management hydraulic system to obtain the ideal energy matching and bare minimum costand assure the ideal functioning effectiveness. 
CDM6225 is broadly used forexcavating, managing and finishing of earth or stones to meet up with the need of construction websites, factory, municipal engineering and park objects. With the optional bucket, the materials dealing with, surface area ending, ditch excavation and river program cleansing can be accomplished, with the optional breaking hammer, the constructing demolition, highway surface area repair and rock breaking can be attained. The structural members are subjected to the repeated analytical calculation to guarantee the rigidity and toughness which can cope with the rigorous functioning circumstances.

CZPTed motor 6BTAA5.nine-C
The original imported engine high power, substantial torque and turbo-charging six-cylinder immediate injection motor guarantees the high reliability and longevity. The demand air cooling system over the compressed air can boost the oxygen articles on combustion markedly. The heart gasoline injection underneath substantial injection strain makes it possible for the uniform atomizing of gas, assures the regular combustion and decreases the exhaust fuel emission. 
Filtering Program
The substantial performance twin aspect air filter makes certain the top quality of engine air intake. In addition, the air pre-filter can carry out the rough filtration over the air intake to empower the operation beneath the bad air top quality working circumstances and lengthen the routine maintenance interval of the air filter. The oil-h2o separator and two-phase gasoline filter will filtrate the gasoline many times to ensure the top quality of gas fed to the engine.
Cooling Program
The parallel radiator cooling tends to make cooling influence far better and provider less difficult.
Routine maintenance and Service
The effortless upkeep of direct injection motor lowers the cost of upkeep. The global following support of engine permits the sharing of worldwide resources. This will boost the service efficiency, reduce the consumers of worry about the services and make certain the attendance charge of excavator. 
Professional of Motor Administration
The motor pace makes it possible for ten adjustable gears by means of the throttle potentiometer and achieves the exact administration above the engine pace through the handle of engine throttle by the DC servo motor. The engine enables the auto idling/acceleration operate to reduce the gas usage.It has a function of contact electricity improvement, can manage the higher resistance operating problem with ease.
Management Mode
The twin pump two-circuit whole electrical power manage program adopts the experienced and reputable CZPTpe and The united states technological innovation to handle the circulation, the proportional solenoid valve regulates the two-phase pressure manage of the primary overflow valve. 
This machine enables the capabilities of straight travel, growth/armconfluence, increase/arm holding, swing precedence, swinganti-reversing and regeneration ofarm cylinder. Each and every circuit CZPT interference throughout composite action.Digging of arm and bucket as effectively as the lifting and swing of growth at the exact same time during operating, the operations of remaining and correct motors are impartial during touring.
Auxiliary CZPT Valve
The major valve is supplied with a set of standby valves to aid the set up of other equipment such as the breaking hammer. 
Filtering Method
The hydraulic circuit is outfitted with the large high quality hydraulic oil filter which can prolong the support lifestyle of the hydraulic factors. 
Components Structure
The particular layout of hydraulic technique and parts location can enhance the method performance of the equipment. The hydraulic oil tank, major pump and principal valve are arranged carefully to shorten the connecting traces and therefore decrease the line friction and strain drop. The radiator is arranged at the right aspect guiding the taxi to properly minimize the noise, hot air and exhaust gasoline obtained by the operator. 
Pilot System
The pilot pump is independent of main pump and source oil to the pilot system which guarantee the stable and independent pilot handle and facilitate the servicing.
The multi-objective true shade monitor allows the actual-time monitoring and display of device point out, motor pace, coolant temperature, oil force and gasoline amount and so on. 
Power Management Method
3 electrical power modes of weighty-obligation electricity manner (H mode), preserving energy mode (S mode) and light-obligation electricity method (L method) can change at will to minimize the method electricity loss. The mixture of 3 modes can minimize the gasoline usage and greater meet up with the distinct doing work conditions.
Fault Car Warning
It permits the fault self-diagnosis automobile warning display and fault message save up to ninety nine,000 pieces roughly to aid the fault get in touch with and inquiry throughout the maintenance of gear. There are three stages of warning exhibit according to the fault severity.
Motor Overheating Car Protection
The overheating protection will be lively if the coolant temperature exceeds 102ºC. Then the motor will not stall although the technique will minimize the engine velocity. Nevertheless, if the coolant temperature is also higher, the operator must shut down the device as necessary and uncover out the fault brings about. 
Reduced Oil Strain Protection
When oil stress underneath the standard benefit, the oil stress change will be closed, the text warning will display for 3 s and then the motor will slow down to lower idle pace. In these kinds of a scenario, the operator ought to shut down the machine as essential. 
Upkeep Auto Remind
The monitor will periodically remind the operator of altering the motor oil, grease and filter element at the established interval to support the program services.
Main body
The sensible structure of robust major frame optimizes the utilization of steels. 
The X-formed undercarriagewith large-responsibility box construction is subjected to the repeated finite aspect analytical calculation and improve the all round rigidity, toughness and torsional resistance.Undercarriage is welded from the reduced alloy structural metal plates with general process good quality manage. The vital welds are entirely subjected to fault detection and pressure test to ensure the product good quality. 
Keep track of
There are ribs and crawler cradle in the center of the keep track of backlinks. Making use of m-kind seals to ensure the lubricating impact of the pin and pin suites.Extending the monitor doing work daily life effectively.
Travel Unit
The push device employs the imported motors of high top quality and the generate wheel adopts large frequency heating all round hardening approach to enable the outstanding dress in resistance of the exterior equipment rim.
Loafer Cushion
The idler cushion with high top quality sealing components properly assure the high strain sealing inside the cylinder block, the springs are subjected to the particular heat treatment to allow the outstanding tiredness resistance.
Taxi Shock Absorption Program
The taxi shell is set up to the system by way of the cushioning supplies consisting of the silicon oil and rubber to relieve the vibration, decrease the noise and promise the procedure comfort and ease. 
Cab External Framework
The roof and each sides of taxi are bolstered by the metal pipes to increase the exhaustion resistance and damping capacity. The slipping object protection framework is bolted to the taxi front immediately to aid removal and consequently allow the equipment to adapt to the working conditions and meet up with the specified safety specifications. 
The glass is clung to the taxi straight CZPT frame to enlarge the visual subject. The windows let totally free adjustment to open up/close the entrance and higher window and windshield,besides, the entrance glass can be set to the roof above the operator. 
Entrance Wiper
The wiper located in entrance of cab pillar enlarges the operator’s discipline of check out, it permits the continuous and intermittent operation modes. 
Secure and Comfy Taxi
The left/appropriate pillar type reinforced cab complies with 15012117 – 2: 2008 and the optional taxi FOPS conforms to 15571262: 1998 to ensure the operator’s safety. The two.7m3 cab place helps make the excavator procedure comfy. The reasonable structure of manage components inside of the cab enables simple procedure.
CZPT Taxi Tools
The cab inside includes the cigar lighter, ash tray, cup holder, coat hook, cubbyhole and storage rack, which increase the procedure comfort and ease. 
A/C Technique
The substantial efficiency and healthy A/C allows the air flow into. Concise control panel and straightforward press crucial operation, multi-route A/C air outlet allowing fast regulation of taxi within temperature and quick defrosting. The fault self-diagnostics manner facilitates the A/C maintenance. 
Deluxe Seat
The comfy suspension sort seat is presented with a hydraulic damper, the broad seatback permits the waist assist and the curve profile enables comfy riding, the double slide observe multi-way multi-phase regulation enables different operators to find the greatest posture, the wide pedal room permits the totally free human body stretching and relieves the operator from the long time procedure exhaustion. 
Protection Lock Joystick
The hydraulic safety lock joystick is situated at the outdoors of heart left armrest box in the taxi. The equipment control is active only when the joystick is in ON position, which can avoid the wrong operation in an successful way. 
Control Lever
The affordable design and style of manage lever saves the operating effort by the lever basic principle, the ergonomic layout allows the operator to maintain the natural wrist and arm posture. The moderate joystick stroke relieves the diploma of fatigue and ensures the exact control. 
Swap Handle Panel
The management panel on the remaining/appropriate pilot box is in concise and esthetic layout and the procedure of keystroke is straightforward.
Boom and Arm
To cope with large load in the course of procedure, the layout & development crew of LONKING adopts tons of up-to-day style ideas, preserves the higher safety factor, employs finite factor investigation, calculation and ideal style to complete the improvement of increase and arm and selects the high energy reduced alloy structural steels for the boom and arm fabrication. 
Pin Shaft
The pin shaft is the main factor for the connection of the doing work equipment. LONKING chooses the specialist pin shaft suppliers and topic the pin shafts to the stringent fault detection to make sure the high quality. The pin shaft of LONKING excavators has thick chrome plating coat and higher surface area complete.The unique treatment permits the incredibly substantial dress in resistance and corrosion resistance.
The bucket body is manufactured of low alloy and high tenacity resources and the exterior structure is produced of higher toughness and use-resistant steels, which represent the entire strengthened bucket. This excavator offers various bucket possibilities to fulfill distinct doing work calls for. 
Effortless Servicing and Services
The design and format of CDM6225 think about to supplying usefulness for maintenance personnel. Most routine maintenance areas can be accessed from the ground level to permit the fast and substantial effectiveness routine maintenance. 3 facet doorways can be opened during the schedule inspection and upkeep and every support position is within the effortless achieve. The maintenance details are clearly recognized, effortless to run. The electrical aspects are centralized in the electromechanical control box in the taxi to facilitate the maintenance. 
Extended Maintenance and Support Cycle
The servicing and provider cycle of CDM6225 has been prolonged to decrease the servicing parts selection and boost the availability.



Specifications LG6225
Engine  Model CZPT 6BTAA5.9-C
Rated power 133kW (178hp) /2,000 rpm
Max. torque 708N.m/one,500 rpm
Bore×Stroke 102mm×120mm
Displacement  five.9 L
Remark Rated power maintained at 2,300m elevation.
Operating weight Summary Operating weight: 22,100kg.
 The operating weight includes the weight of the 5,700mm standard boom,
 2,900mm standard arm,
1.1m3 standard bucket, 600 mm track shoe, lubricating oil, coolant,
 the full fuel tank and the remaining standard configurations.
Ground pressure 45 kPa
Fluid capacity Fuel tank 350 L
Cooling system 23 L
Engine oil 18 L
Slewing gear three.8 L
Traveling gear  2×3.3 L
CZPT tank 220 L
Slewing mechanism Summary High torque plunger motor and double planetary reducer drive. 
The brake inside the loading motor is applied by spring and released by hydraulic unit.
Automatic braking is CZPT when the slewing control lever is in the neutral position.
Slewing speed  12.1 rpm
Travel drive Summary The integrated 2speed plunger hydraulic motor and reducer drive, motor 
and hydraulic pipeline are arranged inside the track frame
to prevent damage caused by rugged road surfaces. 
The motor inside is provided with the service brake and cushion
valve to ensure smooth running and stopping as well as reliable braking.
Traveling speed three.0 – 5.1 km/h
Gradeability 35° (70%)
Max. traction 222 kN
Traveling mechanism CZPT track shoe width 600 mm
No. of track shoes 49 (each side)
No. of carrier rollers 2 (each side)
No. of track rollers 9 (each side)
CZPT System  Main pump Two-stage axial variable plunger pump
Pilot pump Gear Pump (integrated into main pump)
Max. flow rate 2×217 L/min
Max. pressure 34.3 MPa
Max. pilot pressure 4.9 MPa
Operating equipment Each machine action is under the driver’s control. 
The right lever controls the motion of the boom and 
bucket while the left lever controls the arm 
motion and upper structure slewing. 
The foot pilot valve is provided with the lever joystick to control 
the machine’s traveling and turning by
foot or lever. The traveling gear shift utilizes the solenoid switch control. 
CZPTal System  System voltage:24 V Battery:12 V, 120 A×2

Boom Length (mm) 5,675
Arm Length (mm) two,920
a Transport Length (mm) 9,459
b Total Transport Height (mm) 3,200
c Distance between Tumblers(mm) 3,462
d Tail Slewing Radius (mm) two,750
e Counterweight Ground Clearance (mm) one,061
f Track Gauge (mm) two,200
g Total Transport Width (mm) 2,809
h Upper Structure Width (mm) two,740
i CZPT Track Shoe Width (mm) 600
J Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 478
Cab Height (mm) 2,980

Boom length(mm) 5,675
Arm length(mm) two,920
A Max. digging radius(mm) 9,879
B Max. digging depth(mm) 6,570
C Max. digging height(mm) 9,292
D Max. dumping height(mm): 6,651
E Max. digging radius on ground(mm) 9,738
Max. bucket breakout force-ISO(kN) 158
Max. arm breakout force-ISO(kN) one zero five

Transport Dimensions
The adhering to dimensions approximate to that of the tools of standard configuration.


Digging Machinery Lonking LG6225e 22 Tons 1.2cbm Bucket Hydraulic Crawler Excavator