Center-drive gear motor

The alignment valve carries a industry leading 8 year warranty.

Maintenance free, the spool valve is constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless. If a tower gets stuck or seriously misaligned, the valve will bypass hydraulic liquid through a return line to the pump, dropping the hydraulic pressure and stopping the machine, preventing major damage.

offers the only planetary gear drive on any middle pivot system on the market today. In addition, the planetary equipment boxes come standard with an 8 yr/24,000 hour warranty.
Center-drive gear motor systems maintain alignment through the use of a simple hydraulic spool valve. The alignment program movements the spool valve, metering the mandatory hydraulic fluid stream for every tower maintaining continuous motion and alignment with the finish tower. This basic hydrostatic control is usually vastly more advanced than the start-stop microswitch style used with single-speed electric electric motor drives.

planetary gears are totally enclosed plus they are coupled directly to the hydraulic motor eliminating the center drive gearbox and conventional U-joints. constant move hydraulic drive motors and planetary gear drives are often accessible in the event services is ever required.

Operates in 480V or 380 V
43 RPM motor versus others 34 rpm motor. A seven tower Zimmatic pivot can full a circle in under 13 hours, in comparison to 16 hours for a competitive motor – 27% faster
Also available: 1.0 hp (59 rpm) motor, reducing rotation period by 37%
Heavy-duty steel stator shell is coated to resist chemical substances or corrosive water
Triple reduction spur gear provides the industry’s highest efficiency
Hydrostatically powered are created to deliver continuous movement. Gearbox use is drastically reduced due to the absence of electrically powered system’s stop-start operation. In addition, water and chemicals are evenly distributed over the crop.
worm drive gearboxes bring an an industry leading warranty, 8 years or 16,000 hours. They have no uncovered drive lines or ujoints, with an internal drive connection within the base beam.
Choose from two types of hydrostatic drives: worm gear or planetary. Both provide continuous movement and have no exposed, shifting parts.

Cartridge input and result shaft seals that convert with the shaft provide extra protection from dirt and dampness. A particular diaphragm design keeps inner parts submerged in lubricant during operation
Two huge input bearings increase load capacity by 55%
Operating life and increased torque regularity are achieved thanks to a super-solid, cast iron bull gear
Universal mounting pattern to match all types of machines
Easy-fill design allows schedule gearbox maintenance without starting the expansion chamber
the fastest, many durable and efficient in the industry for over 25 years