Automatic Drinking Water Washer Filler Packer

Automatic Drinking Water Washer Filler Packer

Automatic Water Filling Packaging Machine 

one.Product Description drinking water bottle filling equipment
Drinking water Filling Line Creation Plant is 1 of superior types which is our company combines worldwide innovative self-filling procedure and technology created exclusively for mineral h2o, pure water and other non-gas beverage filling set up.

A. Direct relationship technologies amongst air conveyor and in-feeding starwheel is utilized to change in-feeding screw and conveying chain to ease bottle altering approach with only to alter handful of elements. Freshly-designed bottle-separating grippers are assembled to starwheel.
B.We adopts Neck-hanging technological innovation in bottle transportation. As an alternative of standard starwheel, we use neck-hanging gripper to make bottle-dimensions-changing simply , CZPT products peak adjustment ,only handful of parts require to be altered
C. Specially-designed rinser grippers which are manufactured of stainless metal are firm and endurable, with no contact to screw part of the bottle to prevent second air pollution.
D. High-pace, effortlessly-cleaned filling valves with large flow quantity are outfitted with properly CIP program and handle technique to rinse the gear completely.
E. splint of starwheel utilizing twist descending way to simplify the approach of bottle-size-changing. Only need to have to modify arch board and starwheel, inside ten minutes.

two.Merchandise Display of bottle water filler

three.Parameters of Drinking water Filling Machine:

Model 10-eight-four fourteen-twelve-five sixteen-16-five 24-24-8 32-32-eight forty-40-ten fifty-50-twelve 60-sixty-15
Ability(BPH) three,000 five,000 8000 twelve,000 fifteen,000 18,000 22,000 24,000
Suitable to Bottle Condition Round and Sq. container Bottle diameter:50-120mm Bottle Height:160-320mm
Push Motor 2.02 2.forty two three.twelve three.ninety two three.92 5.87 seven.87 eleven.37
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 2260*1620*2700 2360*1770*2700 2760*2060*2700 2800*2230*2700 3550*2650*2700 4700*3320*2700 5900*4150*2700 5770*5290*2700

Model : RFC-W Collection

Relevant Production : H2o, wine, flavor water & other even now free liquid
Packaging Container:    Round ,Square and Flat PET bottle and other CZPT Bottle
Caps software:            26-30mm screw caps and sport caps
Integrated rinsing empty bottles, filling bottles, capping bottles ,3 in 1
Filling Precision:           ±3mm liquid stage

Automatic Drinking Water Washer Filler Packer